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Make Your Home a Fortress

Canada First is a premier provider and installer of home fortification and defence solutions committed to helping Canadians protect their families and their homes.

Make your home a fortress!

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Our Services

We provide a variety of solutions to help fortify, protect, and secure homes across the country. We are a full-service home defence and security provider. Our solutions include the following:

Home Defence Audit


Security window film


Door and window fortification


Advanced deadbolt installation


A Message From Our CEO

Our team is comprised of a group of passionate Canadians who truly love our country and the citizens who make it great. Hear directly from our CEO.

Canada First CEO – Corrie George

Home Defence Packages

At Canada First, we’re committed to providing homeowners across Canada with exceptional home defence solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our comprehensive range of home fortification packages ensures peace of mind and unparalleled security. Choose below from our various options. Secure your home with Canada First—your trusted partner in home fortification, defence, and security.

Foundation Package

Our basic home defence package.

Fortress Package

Our more robust defence package.

Fortress Elite Package

Our comprehensive defence package.

Fort Knox Package

Our ultimate home defence and security package.

What Our Clients Say

Canada First did all my doors and all of my main floor windows. Their service has been top-notch, Connor has been a pleasure to work with, and having all these key areas secured has made my husband and I feel 100% more secure in our own home. Especially when my husband is out of town, I sleep so much better knowing that my home is fortified against any "hostile forces". Would highly recommend.

Christa L, Oakville, Ontario

As a young family with 2 babies in a rental home with multiple access points and an overwhelming amount of windows, we were desperately looking for solutions that would make us feel safe but also not be too substantial since we don’t own the house. Canada First worked with us in providing the perfect solutions tailored to our needs, and our landlord is happy with the bonus value added to their property. I personally feel much safer in my own home now given all the reports of violent car thefts and break ins in the GTA lately - calling Canada First was a very quick and efficient way of taking control over this fear. Big fan!

Jess C, Oakville, Ontario

Canada First has truly been a lifesaver for our home. Living in a neighborhood with rising security concerns, we knew we needed to take proactive steps to protect our family and property. After thorough research, we chose Canada First to fortify our home against potential break-ins. Their team was incredibly professional and knowledgeable (especially Connor!) from the initial consultation to the installation process. I would highly recommend Canada First to anyone looking to enhance their home fortification.

Meagan A, Burlington, Ontario

Make Your Home a Fortress

Fill out the form and our team will contact you to get you a free quote OR call us direct: 289-295-3857
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